Free German shepherd for a veteran!

Remington is a rescued 2 year old. She is located in Grove, Oklahoma. Currently living with an experienced trainer/dog owner. Lived her entire life in a kennel setting with very limited human contact. Malnourished, and most likely verbally and possibly physically abused. She is spayed, in excellent health (other than a little underweight), up to date on all shots, and chipped. At this time her chip has never been registered to anyone. She is extremely smart. She plays, runs, and has learned to sit and wait. She is housebroken and sleeps in her kennel. They have not seen any aggression. But she is an alpha dog. They believe she is now going through a “puppy stage” since she lived her entire puppy life in a kennel by herself. She does NOT chew, but she does have energy. She loves to play and will bring a ball back to you. She does run the fence. She tries to play with the riding lawn mower. She loves her toys. She is learning to accept loving attention without anxiety and jumping, etc.  She plays great at the dog park and has had many dog friends in the yard at one time to play with. There have been no issues. She loves walks. She sits and stays well, still working on it to really get it down. Very quick learner!  She will be confused when re-homed because currently, she is living in a very comfortable situation. She will not understand why she is no longer there. But this is something that can be worked on. She is a full blood German Shepherd. They have her lineage. She is red and black, and right now, weighs 55 pounds. She could use about 10 more. She needs a person that can take her and train her without raising their voice. She prefers males and has not bonded with anyone yet. 

Anyone interested should email us. 

Serious inquiries only please. Because she is going to take some more work. Please share with your contacts. 

We love you all and we thank you for your support.

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