May 9 Devotion

Recently I have been asked several times about how I was paralyzed. Been asked what it was that led to me being in a wheelchair. For those of you that I don’t know, I was involved in a car accident when I was 19. Of course, the normal response from everyone is…”I’m sorry.” I always show my gratitude. And I try to reassure them that there is no need to be sorry. I let them now that I have had a blessed life. Which in many aspects is a miracle. So let’s talk about that today. Let’s talk about miracles.

What is it that you consider to be miracles? The obvious ones will be those that Jesus performed. Walking on water. Restoring site. Feeding the masses. So many more. Can you imagine what it must’ve been like to see those take place? Awesome stuff I’m sure. But let’s talk about those that aren’t quite as “glamorous” in our eyes. I have several. I have been able to watch people serve others, after the recent tornado, out of the love of their hearts. Miracles. I have got to watch a young boy and his father smile as they talked about catching fish after fish. Miracles. I got to watch a Korean War Veteran and a World War II Veteran have fellowship with their families and perfect strangers. Miracles. And I have go to watch my granddaughter just absolutely crush it during her choir performance. Miracle! I also look at the sun rising. The birth of a child. The unconditional love of a dog. My bride’s beautiful eyes. all miracles. And finally, when loved ones find peace through Jesus when they lose someone in their final moments. Absolute Miracles!

But, why do I consider those miracles? They didn’t walk on water. They didn’t heal a paralyzed man. They are miracles because I believe miracles are meant to draw people closer to God. They are miracles because they show his grace. They show his love. And that’s why Jesus performed those. He was showing people the glory of God. His mission was to draw us closer to him. And performing miracles was part of the mission. So I challenge you today to look around. What do you see daily that are miracles in your lives? What is it that you see is in your life that draws you closer to God? Look around and I’m sure you’ll find something. Now back to my personal miracle. Why didn’t Jesus heal me? Why am I paralyzed? Why? I am still on this chair because of the miracle of drawing me closer to him through it.

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