May 10 Devotion

We serve such an amazing God. We really do. He is so amazing that he can use our pain and turn it to good. I know it’s hard to see that sometimes. Especially when it seems like pain keeps coming and coming. Suffering keeps coming and coming. Difficulties keep coming and coming. In our personal lives. Or in the lives of others that we know. Hard times seem to just continue to attack us. There are many stories in the Bible talking about this very topic. Just look at Job. Over and over, we see God using these times to show his glory. I bet some of you can really relate to this. My family can.

Our family has experienced multiple deaths in the past couple years. And it seems like a continuous cycle of health issues amongst our loved ones. My bride is going through one right now. Even watching dear friends go through similar things. Two of the veterans that I have been blessed to meet, are being buried this week. No matter what any of us are going through, these are times that we have the opportunity to show others, to show the world, just how awesome and glorious our God is. We can use this for our purpose. We might even find a new purpose. Charlie 22 Outdoors is an example. 

Now…this might seem harder than we think it is. But think about your past. Think about what you are going through right now. Have you had marriage issues that you worked through? Did you have, or do you have now, a teenager that is working through mental health issues? Do you know anyone who battled cancer and won? Do you know anyone who lost? These are all examples of the point we’re trying to make here. These are examples that make us qualified to show others the glory of God. How you handle times like these makes you “uniquely” qualified. Whatever your story is. Whatever your testimony is. God can use your pain. And he will if you let him. You may not know why now. And you may not see the light at the end. But I want you to think about the power behind what it is you will be able to share with others. And then realize this: There is hope in what you are going through.

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