May 11 Devotion

When reading the Bible, we cannot avoid learning about Moses. And the things that he was able to accomplish. Pretty incredible things. In Exodus, we read the story of him leading the Israelites out of Egypt. Taking them away from Egyptian slavery. Some 600,000 Israelites. You read that correctly. 600,000. Holy cow. It was on that journey that they came to the Red Sea. I believe you know the rest of the story. How incredible it must have been to watch the waters part. Then there is Mount Sinai. This is where Moses received the 10 Commandments. Also pretty amazing.

But did you know this about Moses? Did you know that he felt inadequate? When God called on him, Moses was hesitant. He didn’t believe he was the man for the job. Didn’t believe he was qualified. God promised Moses he would be with him the entire time. Yet, he did not believe he was good enough. It was to the point that he asked God to send someone else. Even with God assuring him, Moses felt these emotions. You would think that talking to God would have given him the confidence. You would think that he would have felt assured. But he didn’t. Think about that for a moment. Moses, one of the most important leaders in Israelite history, felt unqualified. Ever feel the same way?

Are you in a spot in your life where you feel incapable? Do you not believe in your ability? Maybe you don’t feel like you have the right talents. Or the right gifts. Some of you might even be comparing yourself to other people. Comparing yourself to what they have accomplished. Don’t do that. Nothing wrong with being motivated by what others have done. But if you begin comparing yourself to the point that it affects what you are doing, you are missing the point. Your capabilities are unique to you. Your gifts are unique to you. And God will use those to fulfill his plan. Trust him. When he convicts you to do something, do it. Do it while you trust him. Do it while you know that he loves you. Do it while you know that he will always loves you.

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