May 25 Devotion

This world is full of limits. Meaning that we are limited on many things that we can do. Need some examples? Certain venues limit you to one bottle of water upon entry. Sometimes there are limits on things we can purchase that are on sale. Those are put in place to let everyone have an opportunity to purchase certain items. There are limits that are set to control us. Or maybe I should say, there are limits to protect us. Speed limits for example. Sometimes we limit our grandkids on certain things. Like one piece of candy. Point is, there are limits all around us.  I’m sure you can think of some. 

There is a limit that we sometimes do without even knowing it. Or sometimes we do it knowing what we are doing. That is putting limits on God. We limit areas of our life that we want him to be in. We limit the control over us that he has. We limit the influence he has on our decisions. We put him in a box. One that we can open whenever we see fit. For example, maybe some of us pray for him to help us with something that “we” want. I know I have been guilty of this. I think we do this because we want control. We want to be the decision makers in our lives. This one might hit home with most of us. Here it is though. Tithing. Do you control how much you tithe? Be honest. 

So today, here’s the challenge. Take God out of the box. Let him take control. Let him influence our decisions. Let him have our lives. If we just get out-of-the-way long enough, great things will happen. Let’s remember God is not restricted by anything. Not by time. Circumstances. Pain. Seasons. Nothing can control God. Unless we decide to not let him take control. No matter what we face. No matter the ups and downs we go through. God is not restricted by any of these. As a matter of fact, God should be the one restricting us. He should be influencing enough that we make decisions based on our faith in him. Take him out the box. And watch what happens. I promise you this, it will be glorious.

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