May 26 Devotion

Barbara and I are blessed to have five grandchildren. Having grandchildren is hard to beat. It really is. And this past week, we had all of them together at one time. That’s rare because our daughter lives with our son-in-law in Mississippi. So we cherish the times we get with them when they were here. The youngest grandbaby is a few months old. The oldest is 13. So we have a range of ages. And I can tell you this, age doesn’t matter when it comes to joy. Pure joy. And when they experience joy, we experience joy. Not many things better in this world than the laughter of a grandkid. Those of you who are grandparents can relate to this I’m sure. 

Now, let’s think about the joy we experienced when we first came to know Jesus. I bet some of us were moved to tears. Or maybe you laughed in excitement. Think about how your lives changed. I remember sitting in my high school coach’s living room. Sitting there talking about that night in 1990. How that one moment changed my life forever. I’ll never forget it. Coach was always black and white with me. He wasn’t concerned about hurting my feelings. Especially, when the topic at hand was of great importance. My salvation being one of those topics. He straight out asked me if I thought I would have gone to heaven if I died that November night. I told him I wasn’t sure. His response: “Well, if you don’t know, then you probably wouldn’t have.” No more important words have ever been said to me. EVER!!!

I asked Jesus into my life that night. January 4, 1992. I immediately felt it. I knew he was there. His presence was there. Not sure if I can explain the feeling. Joy. Happiness. Relief maybe. Maybe all the above. Honestly, all the above and more is more like it. It was my first time experiencing his grace. His hope. His love. It was then that I knew heaven awaited me. And heaven awaits me now. I have had other experiences where I felt those emotions. When I felt the Holy Spirit really working on me. Working in me. And here’s what is even more cool. Everyone of us can have this. Everyone of us can feel these. EVERYONE OF US. That includes you. So if you don’t already, make today the day to come to know him. Welcome him into your heart. If you do know him, maybe you need to try to rekindle the fire. Or maybe try to let the Holy Spirit consume you. Wherever you are in your faith, maybe make today the day.

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