June 6 Devotion 

On this day 80 years ago, thousands of men made the trip across the English Channel getting ready to invade France. It was the largest water-to-land invasion ever. That day is known as D-Day. I have heard people call it Destruction Day. Devastation day. Destroy Day. I may be wrong. But, I’m pretty sure it was simply called D-Day. No matter what it was called, this was the beginning of the end of the Nazi rule in Europe. Some 9000 American troops were lost in this battle. Many of them didn’t even make it out of the water as the German soldiers rained thousands, and thousands, and thousands of rounds at them. Those that did make it to land, found traps and many obstacles in their way. All the while being shot at.

If you will, let’s go back in our minds to what it must’ve been like to have been part of the invading forces. Let’s also think about what it must’ve been like to have been the German forces waiting for the invasion. I cannot imagine. Those first waves of men must’ve been terrified. Actually, I’m sure they all were. Not knowing if this was their last few moments to be on this earth. Wondering if they’re going to see their loved ones ever again. Wondering these things and still moving forward. Still willing to serve. Once again, I cannot imagine what that must’ve been like. Ultimately, the Allied troops were victorious. Within months victory was claimed in Europe. 

That generation of people is known as the Greatest Generation. I’m sure there are several reasons. But one of them is definitely because of their actions during World War II. Their sacrifices. One thing I do not take lightly is the men and women that have served our country. Those that are serving now. Those that will serve in the future. When they sign the line joining the military, they are serving us. Those at D-Day served us. Those coming in the future will be serving us. Not even knowing who I am. Not knowing my family. Not knowing my friends. They serve us all. They sacrifice for us all. Putting others before themselves. Wow! And that’s what we are all called to do. We are called to serve others. To put others before ourselves. And the greatest example for us to follow is Jesus. He put us all on his shoulders and he paid the ultimate price for us. The ultimate sacrifice. So today, let’s find ways to lift others up and serve them. Even if we don’t know them. Let’s serve them.

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