June 8 Devotion

Some days I find myself yawning in the early evening. Days where I am just tired. Even weary sometimes. Days where life just seems to come at me more so than other days. Coming from different directions. I’m sure most of you feel the same way. It’s part of being in this world. Especially, in today’s world. Seems like I find myself going faster, faster, and faster. Going from A to B. People tell me a lot that I am busy. I try to respond the same way each time. I respond by saying, “Productive. We are trying to be productive.“

It’s easy to get busy. To get busy doing the daily routines. It happens to us all. The danger here isn’t being busy. The danger is when being busy distracts us from what is important. We get distracted to the point that we lose sight of God. And it is during these moments of distraction, that Satan will attack. He knows the perfect time. We must remember how sneaky he is. We must remember the snake that he is. Do you ever feel tired and weary? Does it seem like life is coming at you from all different directions? It happens to us all. Think about this for a moment. How often do you find yourself being pulled different directions? How often do you find yourself “busy” at doing things? Be honest. And let’s also be honest with ourselves about this next point. Is it during those times that you find you had let your guard down? That’s when you become vulnerable. Satan will use any opportunity he can to bring us down. When you’re vulnerable, he will attack. Sometimes he is so sneaky that he will provide opportunities for us to be busy. Knowing that’s when vulnerability happens. 

Now I want you all to remember this. God has us. Every one of us. So that means he has you. It’s during those times that we find ourselves caught up in what we are doing, that we need to push pause. Refocus on God. And let him guide us. If we do this, he will get us through the distractions. He will be there for us when we find ourselves vulnerable. We read about this in Isaiah. It’s awesome to know that no matter how weary or tired we become, our God never tires. He never tires for those of us who believe in him. God will provide wisdom. God will provide strength. God will provide  endurance. But…we must believe in him. We must trust him. So today, let’s refocus and turn our eyes on God. Even in the times we find ourselves busy. Especially, in those times.

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