July 6 Devotion

Bruno Sammartino was the most famous WWF wrestler in the world at one time. He was from Italy. Lived in a small town called Pizzoferrato. Before coming to America, his family had to endure the invasion by the Nazis during World War II. His father was already in the United States working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He had immigrated there before the war not knowing it was coming. So it was basically Bruno‘s mother and four children when the invasion happened. Truly an amazing tale of survival. You should look it up and watch it.

His mother took the four children and escaped to the mountains above the town. Living without shelter or food. Every now and then, she would sneak back into the town to find food. And then return to the top with the provisions for the family to live on until they ran out. Then she would make the trek again. Over, and over, and over. One time, she was actually captured but was able to escape. Another time, as she was leaving the town she was shot. But was still able to make it back to the top of the mountain with the children. And then there was a moment where they had been located by two Nazis. They were lined up in front of the two soldiers who had a machine gun ready to fire upon them. And literally in the last few seconds before it happened, two of the townsmen were able save Bruno‘s family. All in all, Bruno‘s family lived for 14 months at the top of the mountain.

One thing that stuck out to me about the story was his mother comforting the children in what they believed were the last few moments of their lives. She told them to not be scared. To not be worried. Because it’s only going to last a few moments and they are going to be in paradise with Jesus. No suffering. No pain. Could you imagine? Staring down the barrel of a machine gun pointed out to you and your children. Knowing what’s getting ready to happen. That is the power of our God. That is the power of our Lord and Savior. He can give you a piece and a calm like no other. He provides a hope like no other. And his mother knew that. She had done all that she could do for 14 months. To keep the family alive. And now she knew she had to turn it over to Jesus. She knew that he had them covered. We should all know this. Jesus has us all covered. We just need to put our faith in him.

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