July 7 Devotion

There’s an intersection not too far from where we live that is ran by stoplights. Those of you who live in Webb City know which one I’m talking about. By the McDonald’s. Anyways, if you get there at the point where your light is turning red, you might as well put your vehicle in park. Because it’s going to take a little while for yours to turn green again. Especially if you’re getting there with the traffic being heavy. I think that each light will stay green for two minutes during rush hour. I’ve been there before where I have made a complete phone call with my van in the park waiting for my turn to come. And waiting is not something that I particularly like. Actually…it’s just the opposite. 

I don’t think any of us enjoy waiting. When we’re trying to get some place by a certain time, and we have to wait, it’s frustrating. When we’re waiting for someone to return a phone call, about an important topic, it’s frustrating. Or how about waiting for the all the previews to finish before your movie starts at the theater. Talk about frustrating. I kid you not, Barbara and I watched over 20 minutes of previews at a recent movie. I actually timed it. Because I was curious how long they were. And finally, what about waiting on God? Ever find yourself doing that? I know I have. 

Waiting on God can make us anxious. Think about yourself for a moment. I’m sure there have been prayers that you prayed over and over, waiting for God to answer. I bet you found yourself frustrated or anxious. That’s easy for us to do. Because we’re human. But sometimes God makes us wait for a reason. And I know this, getting anxious or frustrated it’s not going to make him answer us any quicker. As a matter of fact, I bet sometimes he makes us wait longer whenever we do get anxious or frustrated. We must remember, God‘s timing is always perfect. Even when he makes us wait. He will act when he knows it’s best for us. I think if we sit and wait patiently, that shows God that we trust him. That we have hope in him. And waiting also shows God that we expect him to do what’s best for us. I know that this is easier to say than it is to do. But today, let’s start practicing waiting on God. Letting him know that we fully trust him to act whenever he sees fits. Let’s also practice waiting letting him know that we trust him even if he chooses not to act. Let’s do this, because we know that he loves us. And his plan for us is the “best” plan for us. Because he loves us. He always has. He always will.

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