July 9 Devotion

I heard a joke one time. Not sure where I heard of that. But it has a pretty good point. I’m not the greatest at telling jokes. So bear with me. There was a woman who is in desperate need of financial help. So she prayed to God for him to help her win the lottery. The drawing came up the next week, she didn’t win. So she prayed again. This time she was more adamant about needing help. She really needed God to help her with the lottery. The drawing came up again. She didn’t win. So this time she begged and begged. She really, really, really needed God to help her win the lottery. And God told her: “I can help you win, but you need to buy a ticket first.“ Do you get the point?

We’ve been talking a lot lately about attitude and expecting God to work in our lives. Also, about waiting for God to tell us what to do. But I think we need to go a little further with this. As we stated, having a good attitude is a result of expecting God to work in our lives. Knowing that he’s there for us. Knowing that he will guide us. These are things that we should do. Look to him and all that we do. But I also believe that we must “act” on what we are being told to do. Not just sit back. The other day, we talked about being lazy. And that’s dangerous. And that’s what just sitting back can do. Lead us to being lazy.

So today, don’t just sit back and wish on God. Don’t be lazy. Yes, continue having a good attitude and expect him to work in your life. Put time and effort into what he is doing in your life. Do what is necessary. Do whatever it takes. God makes promises. He keeps them. He will change our hearts. He will work in us. But we must do our part as well. Let’s go to work serving others. Just as he has served us. Let’s continue to expect him to work in our lives. Let’s continue striving to have a good attitude. And let’s continue doing what’s necessary to show the glory that comes from God. To show his grace.

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