Re-boot Camp

Charlie 22 Outdoors Re-boot Camp is a time to stay in contact with one another after the completion of our events. There is no better way to do that than to get together. It is our hope that this becomes veterans serving other veterans, by having veterans lead these. As with all our events, active-duty personnel are welcome to attend as well.

  • This is a time to gather with each other to strengthen relationships. A time to heal together.
  • This a time to enjoy the peace and tranquility that the Hettinger Farmhouse provides.
  • Or time for conversation and to fellowship at The Clubhouse.
  • A time to let God move in our hearts.
  • Third Wednesday of each month. 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
  • Held at the Hettinger Farmhouse or The Clubhouse.
  • Drinks and snack items provided.
  • Attendees can stay for the whole thing or just come for part of it.
  • This monthly meeting is for all veterans that we have served in the past. It is also open to veterans that have volunteered with us.
  • Those that want to attend are also allowed to bring a guest with them.
  • If possible, please RSVP. But not required.

Daily Devotional

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