Operation Warriors2US


• All expenses paid weekend of faith, fellowship, food, and KAYAKING!!!
o lodging, travel, meals, kayaking
• Veterans, active duty personnel, Gold Star families, and families that have lost loved ones to PTSD welcome to apply
• Beautiful lodge and accommodations
o More photos https://warriors2us.com/
• Peacefully located in Hardenville, Missouri
• Due to the nature of this event, applicants need to be aware of their physical abilities

Applications are due by TBD

Daily Devotional

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June 14 Devotion

There are so many things that I love about Charlie 22 Outdoors. The fellowship. The camaraderie. The words of encouragement. The events. The meals. And

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June 12 Devotion

Barbara and I really enjoy watching the television show America’s Got Talent. We look forward to it every year. It’s amazing to us watching the

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June 11 Devotion

Have you ever had a time when things didn’t go your way? For example, ever not get a job, or a promotion, that you thought

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June 10 Devotion

The point of yesterday’s devotion was on doing good work. On how the Bible tells us that we combat evil by doing good work. I

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June 9 Devotion

Those of us that live locally, recently heard the terrible news about two young people that lost their lives to gangs in Haiti. Last year

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