22 Days of Prayer and Fasting

All of us at Charlie 22 Outdoors fully believe in the power of prayer. We believe it because we see the results. We see God’s hands go to work. As much as we believe in the power of prayer, we also know that often times it’s easy for us to just pray to be praying. It’s easy to get caught in a routine of doing it. And we catch ourselves simply saying words. So…we want to work on changing this.

February 1-22, 2024, will be our first time coordinating 22 Days of Prayer and Fasting. Here is what we want you to do. Each of those days, we ask that you set aside something that you do on a regular basis. For some of us eating in certain food. For others it may be social media. I think you get the point. Whatever it is, we ask that you “fast” from it. You can do that for a certain timeframe each day. Or maybe consider fasting from it all day, for every one of the 22 days.

Then, focus on praying. Set aside a time each day to pray. Praying for 22 minutes is an easy way to keep focused. If you need a format to follow, we have a simple way for you to guide yourself. ACTS: Adoration for God, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication. During Adoration for God and Confession, maybe consider reading a Psalm as you pray. During Thanksgiving, express who and what you are thankful for. Finally, during Supplication, send God your pleas and requests.

We’re not going reach out to you and keep you accountable. This is between you and God. Time for you to be alone with our Lord and Savior. Our Father in Heaven. Time for you to go to your knees and pray sincere prayers to God. Pray knowing that he wants to hear from us. Even though we’re not going to reach out to you, if you want to let us know how it is going, that would be great. Simply email us if you want to. We might send you some topics or prayer requests throughout the 22 days. If you have anything you would like to ask for prayer over, you can email those to us as well.

We have one more request for you. We want you to pray about doing this. We have some time. The rest of January. Pray over doing this. We want you to be a part of it if you feel God is telling you to do so. With that being said, we are certain that he will guide you in this. We love you all and we thank you for your support.

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