Daily Devotions

February 16 Devotion

Yesterday we talked about beginning a daily habit of praying to God. Prayers of concern. And prayers of celebration. It’s our way of talking to

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February 15 Devotion

I’ve had a number of different friendships throughout my life. Being an ARMY brat, we were constantly on the move during my youth. We counted

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February 12 Devotion

I grew up in the ATARI to the Nintendo Entertainment System generation. Pong, Tank, Mario Brothers, or Contra were probably on our tv screens almost

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February 10 Devotion

My wife will tell you that I definitely hate funerals. They are hard for me. Especially open coffin. I don’t want to go anywhere near

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February 8 Devotion

Family dynamics have always interested me. It really is amazing to me how family members relate to each other. Sometimes as best friends. Other times

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February 7 Devotion

Barbara and I enjoy watching the show America’s Got Talent. We actually try to watch it live whenever we can. If not, we will watch

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