Trump Thompson Raffle

              $100 a ticket                                               Only 100 tickets sold
  • Model 1927 chambered in point 45 ACP
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • American Walnut and high quality steel
  • On the right side is engraved in the image of our 45th president
  • On the right stock are engraved The Presidential Seal, American flag, and the White House
  • Donald Trump and 45th are engraved on the receiver
  • The grip contains his famous quote drawing the line at infringing on Americans’ rights and defining the 2nd amendment
  • The receiver contains “Make America Great Again”
  • Finished in durable cerakote in Armor Black, and Cerakote Clear over high polished flats
  • 50 round drum and 20 round stick magazines
  • Comes in hard plastic case 

Cash, Check, or Credit Card (fee may apply)

Tickets can be purchased through our donate link on our webpage,

in person, through mail, or directly through Messenger.

No limit on number of tickets purchased

Drawing will be held live on Facebook after all the tickets are purchased.

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