Operation Dawn of Hope Couples Retreat

May 5-7, 2023

Open for veterans, other military personnel, and their spouses.
. A weekend relaxation and restoration.
. Possible activities include fishing, kayaking, sitting by a fire, etc.
. Faith, fellowship, and food.
. Location: Dawn of Hope Ranch

Florissant, CO

Applications are due by April 7, 2023

Daily Devotional

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March 28 Devotion

This is very unfortunate, but it’s very true. And I am sure that many of us have experienced this. I know that I have. I

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March 26 Devotion

Last night I was able to attend The Sportsman Banquet held at the Neosho First Baptist Church. Basically, it’s a wild game feed that they

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March 25 Devotion

Sometimes people question me why I like to hunt. They look at it like I am simply going out to kill an animal. It’s hard

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March 24 Devotion

This morning we’re going to build on a writing from before. It’s very fitting for what we have been talking about lately. With the struggles

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